Marval Designs

Marval Designs

"I'm happy with the relationship with My Mac, they're always there when I need them, if not they will answer all my questions through emails. I am Very happy I choose to spend the money. It makes running a business so easy."

Marval Designs is a homewares and clothing boutiques which specialises in linens, furniture, candles, lighting, babyware, shoes, jewellery and much more. We stock Mela Purdie, Vigorella, Sambag, Mimosa, Natasha Gan, Mesop, Gordon Smith.

What was the need area that prompted you to look for a new software solution?

I was opening a brand new business and only wanted the best retail system that would help me and my expanding business. Lightspeed provides endless possibilities.

Why did you contact My Mac?

I have always been a Mac user and a friend of mine that I use to work with had just set up a business with LightSpeed and highly recommended it to me. So I called the My Mac team in Bondi and it went from there.

How have the solutions provided been a benefit to you as the owner/manager?

It has allowed me to manage my stock much more efficiently.

How have the solutions provided been a benefit to your staff?

I have a few casual staff members who are a little computer illiterate! They find it a little scary but are always able to put through sales and run the business the way I need

How have the solutions provided improved your business overall?

It has allowed my business to grow into two shops and go online.

What value have you found in My Mac's Setup/Training/Support services?

I went to one training day but the team members are very helpful over the phone if I have any problems and there web site has step by step videos to help you with all questions. I LOVE it.

Would you reccomend My Mac and/or your solution to other businesses? Why?

ABSOLUTELY. If you are serious about your business and only want the best, its worth every cent. If you want a great business you cant be tight with your money!!

~ Martina Valks, Owner/Director

Location: 175 Conadilly Street, Gunnedah NSW
Phone: 02 6742 1395
Solution: LightSpeed, MYOB, Web Store, Web Hosting
Services: Setup, Training, Support
Customer Since: June 2010

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