Sterling & Currency

Sterling & Currency

"LightSpeed has made a HUGE difference to our office - we save close to 3 hours a day on admin tasks, and 3 weeks per quarter. We spend more time on business development and sales, increasing our turnover and profits markedly."

We specialize in Australian coins and banknotes, from the Holey Dollar of 1813 right through to the 2010 coin sets.

Andrew Crellin's numismatic career began with two years at the Perth Mint, followed by over a decade in Sydney employed with two of Australia's leading numismatic dealers.

We aim to provide you with as much information as you need to make the decision to buy or sell, and publish top quality information on market movements and the items we handle.

What was the need area that prompted you to look for a new software solution?

MyMac were able to provide us with expert assistance when implementing the LightSpeed point of sale system into our office. Specifically, they were able to work with us to ensure that the data exported from LightSpeed could be imported effectively and efficiently into MYOB.

Why did you contact My Mac?

MyMac were recommended to us by the support desk at LightSpeed in Canada as being experts in this field, they weren't wrong!

How have the solutions provided been a benefit to you as the owner/manager?

By using the expertise at MyMac instead of trying to work out a solution ourselves, we were able to fully use the software much earlier than we would otherwise have been able to do so. This meant our productivity was increased as quickly as possible.

How have the solutions provided been a benefit to your staff?

It saved us a hell of a lot of time in working through the issues we had.

How have the solutions provided improved your business overall?

The implementation of LightSpeed has made a HUGE difference to our office - we save probably close to 3 hours a day on administrative tasks, and perhaps 3 weeks per quarter. This has enabled us to spend more time on business development and sales, which in turn has increased our turnover and profits markedly.

Would you reccomend My Mac and/or your solution to other businesses? Why?

We'd certainly recommend MyMac without hesitation to any Australian retailer looking to install LightSpeed - far better to install it properly and quickly than to frig around trying to do it yourself!

Any other comments about My Mac and/or our solutions?

Great bunch of guys to work with, very good at what they do.

~ Andrew Crellin, Managing Director

Location: PO Box 364, Fremantle WA
Phone: 08 6468 2467
Solution: LightSpeed, OS X Server
Services: Setup, Support
Customer Since: June 2010

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