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Why Choose My Mac?

Expert Consultation

Our Business Solution Consultants will discuss your current and future business needs and develop a solution to help alleviate the pains of your current systems and allow your business to flourish.

Experienced Implementation

Our implementation services include software installation and setup, hardware deployment and installation, data preparation and import from existing systems, and workflow design.

Comprehensive Training

Our Business training services include one-on-one training, group training workshops and specialised staff training plans either In-House, Remote via internet screen sharing or On-Site in Melbourne and Sydney metro areas.

Expert Support

Our Business Support Specialists offer On-Site and Remote support for a range of products. Ad-hoc Remote Support is available from $249/hr for those one-off troubleshooting sessions and Yearly Remote Support Subscriptions are available on request.

Organize your whole business in one app.

Daylite keeps everything related to your business in one place. This makes it easy to find things, easy to add new things, and easy for everyone you work with to be on the same page.

Everything you've ever done with someone.

Track every call, email, note or meeting you've had with someone. See if they have changed roles or moved to a different company. Review previous quotes or past projects you've worked on together.

Stay on top of your schedule.

An appointment is about more than a block of time – it’s about who you're meeting with, where you're meeting, and what you’re meeting about. Since you can link appointments to projects, sales opportunities, tasks, and emails, you'll know why, too.

A smarter way to tackle tasks.

Find everything you need to do, then focus and finish.

Go after new business.

Track leads, customers, and business opportunities..

Track projects.

Stay on track and deliver on time.

Daylite Mail Assistant.

Store, review, and take action on your email.

Find exactly what you're looking for.

Search results in seconds.

On your desk, in your pocket, and at your fingertips.

You'll have your business with you wherever you go with Daylite on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Use it in almost any industry.

So flexible it works for lawyers, consultants, photographers, mortgage brokers, flame throwers, and more!

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