Finance Leasing with Flexirent

For Office Technology, IT and Computer Equipment
Flexirent is a sensible way to pay for technology such as computers, office equipment, digital cameras and IT equipment. You can spread the cost of equipment over its useful life, yet it is flexible enough to allow you to upgrade to new equipment at any time. (Conditions apply). There is no deposit and the low monthly payments are typically tax deductible for people using equipment mainly for business. In addition to being covered by a “Complete Protection Package”, “Flexirenting” offers many other advantages

You are automatically covered should the equipment be stolen or accidentally damaged anywhere in Australia, New Zealand or overseas**.

Equipment will either be replaced or repaired.

(**Overseas cover limited to return trips of 28 days or less)

If the computer has to be repaired at any time during the agreement, simply report it and a notebook will be couriered to you as a “loaner” within 24 hours^.

(^Delivery may take longer to non metro areas)

You can swap to new equipment in the last 3 months of the agreement and the remaining payments will be waived. Simply return the equipment in good working order and take out a new agreement for equal or greater value*.

*Also see Terms and Conditions

To keep using the old equipment after the end of the rental term, just make one additional payment (equal to a normal monthly payment) and you will double the original rental period, with no more to pay.

And, you are still covered for theft, loss and accidental damage and 24 hour “Loaner” equipment.

Fast & convenient

Application is by phone from your dealer, or you can get pre approved from your home or office. You can Flexirent from $500 - $25,000 and get approval in minutes.

No deposit. 100% lease financing

You simply pay the first month’s rental, then take the equipment away. This allows you to conserve your vital working capital.

Tax deductible payments

As the equipment will be used for business purposes, your monthly payments are typically fully tax deductible*.

Flexible Terms

12, 24 or 36 month terms means you can choose the equipment you want on a term and budget that suits you. Multiple End of Term options available to choose from.

Include software and other costs

You can Flexirent your entire computing solution, including software*, peripherals, extended warranty. “Flexirenting” will often enable a better overall solution as the additional monthly cost for Flexirenting the “best” solution is more affordable when spread over the rental term.

Swap equipment or add
on to your agreement

During the rental term, you can add more equipment, or swap. It’s easy to do. One phone call is all that it takes to arrange it.

Choice of End of Term Options

At the end of your agreement you have a number of options available you need to choose from:

  • Return
  • Swap
  • DoubleTime
  • Own
  • continue on 'month to month'

For quick approvals

* Tax deductions may apply. See your Tax Advisor for details. ^Replacement within 1 business day subject to delivery to an Australian metro area and request made during business hours. # If no EOT option is elected, the agreement will default to a month-to-month arrangement until an EOT option is elected. ✝ See product Terms & Conditions.

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